Have questions about health? Want to hear from others and share knowledge about health?

Want to try new things like deep breathing, meditation, and other therapeutic activities?

This is the group for you! Here’s what to expect:

6-6:45 Group Chat. Topics will vary and will cover issues like anxiety, navigating modern healthcare, nutrition and mindfulness. Have something specific in mind you’d like to discuss/ask questions about? We can talk about that too! You can share about your own health hacks: what’s worked, what hasn’t and CONNECT with others and help grow YOUR healthy community! You can participate to your comfort level: share what’s on your mind or simply listen to the knowledge shared!

6:45-7:30 Something healthy and fun! Activities will vary and will include things like gentle exercises and meditation, outdoor games, writing exercises, painting, drawing, sculpture, role playing, observational activities and more! Activities will be chosen/adjusted to the groups’ interests, skill levels and preferences! We will meet you where YOU are!

If you are wondering if this is the group for you, it IS!!! This health group is ALL inclusive and we WELCOME ALL PEOPLE. No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or what your beliefs are: you BELONG here!!! All group activities are designed to be adjusted to fit the needs of the unique individuals who come to the group! This is a safe place to try something new and not be afraid to fail at it! This is a judgement-free zone!!

Are you seeking a place to simply connect with others and engage in some healthy socialization and fun activities? Do you want to spend more time outdoors and a little less time online?


LOCATION: We will meet in the lobby of Scarborough Integrative Health (Nonesuch River Plaza in Scarborough, Maine)


REGISTRATION: Call or text 207-747-2002 or send an email with your name/date(s) you plan to attend. 


* Pre-registration is highly encouraged.

* Walk-ins: please arrive at 5:45PM if you have not preregistered as group size will be capped at 11.

* Cash or check accepted at the start of group. The cost is $25 per group.

    (Online scheduling/payments for groups coming soon!)

You may come one time only or every week! If you plan to attend weekly ask about the multi-group pass discount!

I so look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Evelyn Bunce, DNP, FNP-C

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51 US Route 1 Unit A
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Call or Text 207-747-2002
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